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1914 to 2019 

The South African Irish Regiment was an Infantry Regiment and forms part of the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) and the South African Army. It was first raised in 1914 and was renamed in 2019.

As part of the South African Army Reserve, all the Regiment's members have civilian occupations and perform their military duties after hours and when "Called-up" to do so, and as such the Regiment was roughly equivalent to a British Territorial Army Unit or the US Army National Guard. However in the South African Reserves, its members were required to be far more than mere "reservists".

Since 1914 the "citizen-soldiers" of South Africa's Irish Regiment defended and protected our great country and did so with pride until it was renamed the Andrew Mlangeni Regiment and it's colours laid down in August 2019. This website is dedicated to the brave men and women of the Regiment.

The Regiment was based at the Kensington Garrison in Johannesburg at the time that it was renamed.

When it was first formed in 1914, it was raised as an Irish Regiment, but it had evolved since then. For it's members, the term “Irish” referred to selfless service and a culture of serving your country. It refers to an ethos of putting your country before yourself, as well as the fighting Irish spirit. This is an ideal that all members of the SA Irish Regiment embraced as their ethos. Remember "You don't have to be Irish.... to be Irish.

Please note: This website and its pages are not official pages of the South African National Defence Force or the South African Army Reserves or of the South African Irish Regiment nor of the Andrew Mlangeli Regiment. This is a website reflecting the history and traditions of the SA Irish Regiment and it is privately owned, administered and funded. For more information on the Andrew Mlangeni Regiment, please visit their website.

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The Regiment wish to thank the following individuals for their contributions in making this website possible:

  • Lieutenant Colonel G.Giles, MMM (Ret.)
  • Major J.A. van Straaten, JCD (Ret.)
  • Major I.D. Stins, RD (Ret.)
  • Lieutenant D.W. Chambers, PS (Ret.)
  • Lieutenant G.R. Howard (Ret.)
  • Mr. Arthur Radburn (SA Medal Site)