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Click here to view photos of the 2017 Sidi Rezegh Parade

Regimental Cap Badges 


        1914 – 1919             1939 – 1946             1964 to Present

Our Officer Commanding: 2016

Lt-Col. W.W. Kinghorn, MMM, DWD & Mrs. Kinghorn (January 2016)

Our Command Cadre: 2016


Our Second-in-Command: Major J.A. van Straaten, JCD

Recruitment posters and Regimental photos


Carry on the fighting spirit of the Irish! 

Recruitment posters courtesy of               Lieutenant G.R. Howard

This poster features        Major Izak Stins, RD 








Poster features our RSM, MWO G.S. Moseki 






 Our proud history




South African Irish Officers in Pretoria 1914. Lt.Col. F.H. Brennan seated in chair and Capt (later Major) G. Twomey standing right.

















6 Coy, South African Irish Regiment in Pretoria 1914. Presentation photograph to Mrs Louis Botha, Honorary Colonel of the Regiment.








Major George Twomey co-founder of the S.A. Irish in 1914 and 1939.





 After the capture of Mega in 1941. Sergeant Majors Brehem, Foster and Owen with Italian prisoners.


A group of officers who returned to Mersa Matruh after the battle of Sidi Rezegh.

SA Irish Colours on Parade - 2006 

Col. E. Kristal, JCD (OC of the Regiment 1970 - 1972) with his son Lt. G. Kristal (Right)

Serving Officers 2013/2014

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  • Remember: You can now listen to the Regimental March by visiting our Traditions page.
  • Remember: The annual Sidi Rezegh parade is scheduled for the 25th November 2018.